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Project development

With over 15 years of experience in PV installations and 2,000 MW of connected power all over the world, our team has a profound knowledge of project management, planning and development. This includes preparation of technical documents, which serve banks and investors as basis for their decisions.

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Gräss Group ensures professional project management which large-scale projects require over the entire project duration – from construction to completion of the photovoltaic system. Our large network of branches and partneres enables us to offer our services all over the world.

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Operation & Maintenance

Gräss stands for quality – not only during the construction of your photovoltaic system. To ensure operation without failures and optimum energy yield, our service also include operation and maintenance of your system. Our services include remote monitoring as well as on-site maintenance and cleaning of solar modules.

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Mounting systems

Gräss, together with our partners, develops and offers sophisticated multi-axis trackers, fixed-tilt mounting system, and solutions for other requirements. This includes roof mounting systems for flat and round arch roofs, carport systems, and special solutions such as off-shore and floating PV installations.

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Photovoltaic modules and inverters

Working together with leading module manufacturers Gräss offers state-of-the-art technology such as double-side photovoltaic modules.
Together with customized string inverters Gräss is able to guarantee higher power plant performance than most competitors.

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Energy storage

Gräss also offers energy storage solutions suitable for any project location and size.
In cooperation with European partners, Gräss batteries have been designed to be easily scalable in both power and capacity in order to ensure high utilisation, high availability, and short repayment period.

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