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Project Finance & Development

Having developed over 7,500 MW of projects worldwide for 17 years, our company boasts not only a wealth of expertise in planning, legal and technical tasks necessary to develop a plant but also a very strong track record in raising project finance. Most recently, we have been working on a project backed by the World Bank.

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We possess the technical capabilities to optimise the photovoltaic plant for a given location. With our trained staff and cutting-edge PV software the team produces detailed engineering diagrams, selection of components and assembly plans. Also, our Mobile Solar Power flexible solutions are being fully developed in-house.

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Operation & Maintenance

All our projects are not only designed but also maintained to the highest standard. To ensure operation without failures and optimum energy yield, we also provide O&M services. These include remote monitoring via latest software as well as on-site maintenance and cleaning of solar modules through one of our locally-based teams.

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Mobile Solar Power

Our concept is a unique and highly flexible pre-assembled solar facility. It effectively packages the entire set of required components in standard shipping containers – either 40ft or 20ft, according to client requirements. This includes PV modules, inverters, cabling, mounting structure, as well as monitoring and security systems all assembled in Germany.

Therefore, a purchase of the flexible system simply means the order of a desired number of PV containers quick to set up and requiring no prior technical knowledge on behalf of our customers. Mobile Solar Power removes the need for conventional EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) services on site. The solar rod system does not require any notable heavy machinery or actual construction to take place at project location.

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