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Project Finance & Development

Having developed circa 7,500 MW of projects worldwide for over 15 years, our company boasts not only a wealth of expertise in planning, legal and technical tasks necessary to construct a plant but also a very strong track record in raising project finance. Most recently, we have been working on a project backed by the World Bank.

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Engineering, Procurement, Construction

We possess the technical capabilities to fully design an optimal photovoltaic plant for a given location. We have strong ties to leading module and inverter manufacturers and we offer our own mounting systems. Construction is our "bread and butter" for which we have a large team and company-owned machinery.

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Operation & Maintenance

All our projects are not only built but also maintained to the highest standard. To ensure operation without failures and optimum energy yield, the Group also provides O&M services. These include remote monitoring via cutting-edge software as well as on-site maintenance and cleaning of solar modules through one of our locally-based teams.

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Mounting Systems

We develop and continuously refine our own fixed-tilt framework and tracking systems as well as mounting solutions for other requirements. This includes roof mounting systems for flat and round arch roofs, carport systems, as well as special solutions such as off-shore and floating PV installations.

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Photovoltaic Modules and Inverters

We have connections to top bankable manufacturers of panels and inverters. Working together with leading module producers we also offer state-of-the-art technology such as double-side PV modules. In combination with finely-tuned inverters and optimal cabling, we are able to guarantee an above-average power plant performance.

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Energy Storage

The company will also be able to offer energy storage solutions suitable for many different project locations and sizes in the near future. In cooperation with European partners, our batteries have been designed to be easily scalable in both power and capacity. They provide high utilisation, high availability, and short repayment period.

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