Full Development Package

Our core activity is development and engineering of solar PV plants. We also structure financing, supervise installation and maintain large scale ground and roof mounted photovoltaic systems around the world.

Together with our 18-years’ worth of experience in the solar industry, this places us among a very limited number of companies in the world with the ability to develop full PV solutions, and back it up with a strong track record in the market.



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Building on the legacy


History and Track Record

The company was founded in Günzburg, Germany in 1994. The firm initially focused on building projects across the nation. After several profitable and successful years in construction, the company was among the first who recognised the growing potential of renewable energy sources. Therefore, since 2000 we have directed our focus towards the installation of photovoltaic power plants.

Over the following decade we built up a reputation as one of the world-leading solar energy EPC contractors. However, our business scope has gradually evolved and we now offer project design, finance, planning and O&M solutions worldwide. Overall, the company boasts a multi-gigawatt track record of developed projects. Most recently, the company focus is on further advancing our significant pipeline of solar PV projects globally.


Meet the Teams


Project Origination
The arm of our group that focuses on project development. This includes identifying and acquiring suitable sites, obtaining necessary building and environmental permits, negotiating and securing an attractive electricity tariff and, ultimately selling project rights.
Detailed Design
The services provided by our team of engineers which produce the necessary technical planning documents based on which a PV plant can be built. This consists of the table and electrical layout, cable and shading optimisation, production estimation, single line diagram etc.
Supervision, O&M
All activities to manage the construction and operation processes. Our experienced site managers can be hired to supervise and instruct the project installers during assembly, or requested to monitor plant performance and repair any faults, under an O&M contract.