Detailed Design


We offer a broad range of services for all planning phases in order to deliver the optimum PV power plant layout. Our experienced team of project engineers and draftsmen utilises latest software such as AutoCAD Civil 3D, Helios and PVSyst.

A part of the technical design is the selection of the optimal mounting structure with regards to electricity generation and land utilisation. The string layout for the PV power plant is defined according to geographical situation and local conditions such as solar irradiation and temperature profile.

Shading of PV modules and strings decreases overall yield and revenue of ground-mounted as well as roof-mounted PV systems. Therefore, our shading-optimised layout could be key to economic success of a project.


  • Design by dedicated group of professionals with multi-GW track record
  • Detailed construction documentation, ready for local contractor
  • Independent assessment of various equipment options
  • Long-term economic benefits from optimal planning
Detailed Design

This stage is an upgrade on the preliminary design from the development process. Some of the items specifically defined include the final position and size of inverter / transformer units, cable routes, gate position and access road. String size and AC/DC cabling are also confirmed.

Technical optimisation

Using dedicated PV software and based on any land or permit constraints, the optimal mounting structure type, tilt, position and size is defined. Compatible PV modules, inverters and combiner boxes (if any) are selected. Ultimately, the levelized cost of electricity is minimised.

Detailed engineering

The final plans, reports and documents specifying exact quantities and positions of all equipment on site, as well as the main installation processes. Based on this, both the procurement and the construction can be undertaken.

As-built drawings

Following plant commissioning, a final set of technical documentation is issued. Any changes during installation, whether due to discovered constraints or the owner’s decision, are included. The exact characteristics of the operational plant are reflected.